11 Track CD. Produced by The Dark Bob except Without You and When I Grow Up (To Be A Man) Produced by The Dark Bob and Glenn Nishida. Andy Dick & The Dark Bob Produced by Andy Dick & The Dark Bob for Pollywog Sounds Company and MITB Records.

1. I Donít Get That

2. That Perfect Day

3. Everything Can Wait (Except Love)

4. 40 Days And 40 Nights

5. You Keep Comin'í At Me

6. Smokiní

7. Without You

8. Emmy Lou

9. When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)

10. Singiní A Song



Unreleased tracks: War of í99, The Original Universe, Home of Stone, 50 Years Ago, Oh God Beautiful




8 Song CD. Produced by John Chelew and The Dark Bob.

1. Pray For Rain

2. Valerie

3. Two Worlds

4. Hillowee! Hillowee! Hillowee!

5. Beirut

6. Thereís A Place

7. 2000

8. Kingdom Come


Unreleased tracks: Temptation, Wanted Man, Only Love, Mighty L.A. River (Roll On)



1995 AN EVER OMINOUS DREAM: The Dark Bob Sings 1991-1995.

13 Song CD. Anthology of 13 songs previously unreleased. Produced by The Dark Bob. Chronic Interactive Music and MITB Records. Distributed by Printed Matter, New York City.

1. When The Lion Roars

2. Who Are You To Me?

3. Parfectijed (For Everyone)

4. I Canít Love You Enough

5. Complicated

6. He Knows What I Need

7. Dangertown

8. Heroes

9.An Ever Ominous Dream

10. Medley: Live Performance Monologue into

11. Love (Is An Opening)

12. Glorious Site

13. A Million Years of Love


Unreleased tracks: Radical Eyes, Youíre The One I Love, Hard Traveliní




8 songs. Produced by The Dark Bob. MITB Records.

1. Your Kind of Song

2. Emmy Lou

3. I Couldnít Face The Fact

4. Ecstasy

5. I Wanna Get Close

6. Take A Walk

7. Ann

8. My Scarf Is A Dog


Unreleased tracks: The Batmanís Lament, Let People Be Free To Be, Everybody Knows (It Goes On and On)




5 song EP. Produced by Henry Lewy with The Dark Bob and Heidi Zin. AIN (An Illuminated Nation) Records. Vinyl available. A re-mastered CD with bonus tracks is scheduled for release.

1. King of the Darkness Ring

2. Uncontrollable Love

3. Iíd Better Do Better

4. Save Me!

5. The Barking Dog


Unreleased tracks: (Oh!) Beautiful Clare, Everybody Knows



1985 KABBALAMOBILE (Limited Edition Cassette).

Commissioned by the Mark Taper Forum Theater and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Text: Rachel Rosenthal, Music: Written and performed by The Dark Bob. Available Museum of Contemporary Art and M.I.T.B. Records. CD re-issue scheduled.



45rpm single. Limited Edition (1,000) released by The San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA as part of the Gold Coast Performance Art Festival featuring The Dark Bob, Chris Burden, Paul McCarthy, Lewis MacAdams, Eleanor Antin and others.



One-sided 12in. Vinyl LP. M.I.T.B. Records.

1. Outside of Moab

2. The List

3. Interstate 5


Unreleased tracks: Youíve Changed A Lot, Iíll Be Gone (When Iím Gone), The Body Song, Tell Me That You Love Me, The Change (Has Come and Gone)



45rpm single. Produced by Ron Meckler. High Performance Records.


RECENT COMPILATIONS with material by The Dark Bob:


1999 The History of The Future (CD-ROM), Compiled by Martha Wilson, Franklin Furnace Archive, New York City


2000 History of the Onyx, Compiled by Ulysses Jenkins, 5-CD Box set, Othervisions Art Band, Los Angeles


Bob & Bob DISCOGRAPHY - 1976 Ė 84

In addition to the above recordings, The Dark Bob's collaborative work as one-half of Bob & Bob yielded the following.


1984 WE'RE ALL LUCKY, Cassette tape. Produced by MOCA (The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles) as part of the Territory of Art. Distributed Nationwide by MOCA.


1983 WE KNOW YOU'RE ALONE b/w WE'VE BEEN SEEING THINGS, 12 in. EP and cassette. Major U.S. distribution, limited European distribution. Produced by PolyGram/Polydor Records, New York, NY.


1983 ROTTERBOBS, Cassette tape. released twice: 1. International Performance Art Festival, Lantaren Venster - Cassette distributed in the Netherlands only.


1983 High Performance - The Record, Artists Doing Songs, dbl. LP. Distributed internationally. High Performance Records.


1981 ACROSS AMERICA, 12 in. LP. A continuous sound collage from the audio portion of performance by the same name. Distributed nationally by Printed Matter, New York, NY. M.I.T.B. Records.


1978 SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE, 12 in. LP. 14 original songs. Distributed nationally. M.I.T.B. Records.


1976 BOB & BOB - THEIR GREATEST HITS, 12 in. LP. 56 short cuts of Bob & Bob getting "hit". All spoken dialog. M.I.T.B. Records.