An Ever Ominous Dream: The Dark Bob Sings 1991-1995

1. When The Lion Roars

2. Who Are You To Me?

3. Parfectijed (For Everyone)

4. I Can’t Love You Enough

5. Complicated

6. He Knows What I Need

7. Dangertown

8. Heroes

9. An Ever Ominous Dream

10. Medley: Live Performance Monologue into

11. Love (Is An Opening)

12. Glorious Site

13. A Million Years Of Love



Danny Frankel (Drums, Percussion) tracks 1, 5, 6, 13

Andy Vermiglio (Drums, Percussion) tracks 2-4, 7-9, 11, 12

Paul Brown (Bass) tracks 2-4, 7-9, 11, 12

Darryl Tewes (Bass) tracks 5, 13

Paul Castellanos (Violin, Guitar)

Rico Orrell (Oud, Dumbek)

James Hoskins (Cello)

Myrna Nueberg (Percussion)

Kadi (Cymbals, Dance)




Peter Case sings back-up on He Knows What I Need

John Bilezikjian plays Oud on Heroes

Duke McVinney plays Bass on When The Lion Roars

John Eric Greenberg did the Loop for When The Lion Roars

Rico Orrell sings Greek and Arabic on An Ever Ominous Dream

Will Raabe plays Violin and Recorder on A Million Years of Love

The Dark Bob plays piano on Complicated and I Can’t Love You Enough

and Guitar on Who Are You To Me?


All songs by The Dark Bob except

Complicated (Jagger/Richard)

He Knows What I Need (Mosie Lister)

Heroes (Bowie/Eno)


Produced by The Dark Bob

Executive Producer: Eric Cunningham, Chronic Interactive Music


Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Glenn Nishida at

Pacifica Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Second Engineer: Mike Sandberg


Pre-production on When The Lion Roars Engineered by Robert Smith

at S.O.Pro Productions, Santa Monica, CA


Mastered by Doug Schwartz, Audio Mechanics, Burbank, CA


Package Design: Gina Zangla, Imagination, Santa Monica, CA

Cover Photo: Randall Michaelson

Booklet Photos: Guy Webster, Ilene Segalove, Heidi Zin


All songs © and published by Shizinn Songs™, and administered internationally by

BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) 320 W. 57th St., NY, NY 10019

URL: (search "Publishers: Shizinn Songs)

except Complicated by Abkco Music, Inc., He Knows Shat I Need by SESAC, Inc.

and Heroes by EG Music, BMI/Jones Music America, ASCAP


Released as a Chronic Interactive / MITB® Records Production, 1995 Cat.#5853-2

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