“…and in these freaked out days, I can listen to The Dark Bob and feel unafraid – ah, art!”

Laura Weber, Vinyl Magazine


Below is a short BIO followed by press clippings…


Born in Santa Monica, California, The Dark Bob began his performance art career in 1975 when he co-founded the multi-media art team of Bob & Bob. This early work has been historicized in books, catalogs and documentary profiles for television, radio and film. He is generally regarded as a "pioneer" in L.A. performance art.


His one-man, multi-media shows combine song, dance, film, storytelling, live on-stage painting and comedy. He toured the United States extensively with Partectijed (For Everyone), Uncontrollable Love and Tales From The Dark Bob. He has performed not only at museums and galleries, but also universities, nightclubs, theatres, county fairs, honkytonks and large concerts.


His music has been produced by PolyGram/Polydor Records, Chronic Interactive Media, The Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles), High Performance Records and his own label MITB Records. His songs, soundtracks and audio-works have been programmed on radio and featured in theatre pieces and feature films. Notable collaborations: Kabbalamobile with performance artist Rachel Rosenthal, and Andy Dick & The Dark Bob with actor/comedian Andy Dick.


The Dark Bob's artworks (drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations) have been exhibited in galleries and museums across America and around the world.


He has been featured on numerous local television shows around the U.S. and has appeared many times on radio stations in this country and abroad. Additionally, the artist has been included in several film and video documentaries. Notably: “Life & Time Tonight”, KCET-PBS TV profile, "California Stories", KCET-PBS - TV profile, NPR (National Public Radio) profile by Elizabeth Perez Luna, "Views From L.A", by MVC - TV, "Young Turks", a documentary film by Stephen Seemayer, The Pacifica Radio National Network Interview, "The Territory of Art”, Produced by The Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles).


Numerous profiles, articles and reviews have been written on The Dark Bob. From the most eclectic art journals as well as mass media publications both local, national and international. Notably: The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Village Voice, L.A. Weekly, The Chicago Reader, Artforum and Artweek.


The Dark Bob recently organized and hosted All Stars of LA Performance Art. This seven part series featured some of the most renowned and influential performance artists in the nation as well as several pieces by emerging artists. These shows helped revitalize performance in Los Angeles and played to sold out crowds in LA’s most prestigious large nightclubs.






“…witty…often riveting…something for everyone.”

Philip Brandes, Los Angeles Times


“yet another LA audience succumbs to The Dark Bob”

Dianne Bates, Los Angeles Times (cover story review)


"Performance artist The Dark Bob stylishly crossed over into the role of pop singer"

Gregg Weger, Los Angeles Times


“A real Los Angeles artist…a true pioneer of multi-media”

Mary Melton, Los Angeles Times Magazine


From the LA WEEKLY


“It’s flame at low ebb not so long ago, performance art in Los Angeles has been roaring back to life thanks especially to the ministrations of The Dark Bob…(his) shows in particular are notable for their emphasis on the local performance-art tradition, with it’s wit, narrative bent, and comfort with musical, verbal and theatrical reference.”

Peter Frank, LA Weekly 3-22-01


"There is no category of artist which fully describes the Dark Bob. To his roots he is a painter. Yet he is also a media-manipulator artist (that is, an artist whose palette is the public's electronic consciousness), a model-actor, a producer, a bag-lady, a fledgling saint, a sybarite, a dramaturge, a film-maker and a clown... But his most dynamic art of the moment is song...used in it's most ancient condition as a literal talk with God."

Lewis MacAdams, LA Weekly


"Prophet, poet or performance artist? One of the brightest lights I'm aware of shines through an artist who calls himself The Dark Bob."

Cindy Lamb, LA Weekly


“The Dark Bob is one of the Big Orange’s premier crossover mixmaster’s…as a staple of the L.A. alternative scene...all those in the know see him as ready for the limelight.”

Peter Frank, LA Weekly





"A Sinatra from Mars."

Carl Heyward, San Francisco Chronicle


"There is a combination of sensitivity and romance in DB's performance of this material that is utterly gripping. Many in the audience around me clearly felt moved."

Linda Frye Burnham, High Performance Magazine


“The DB makes intense music that draws from myriad schools - country, rock, Middle Eastern, surf, avant-garde, industrial, and more - and comes up with a fascinating should listen"

Natalie Nichols, L.A. Reader


"The Dark Bob is a compelling performer. An open sensibility with a neat sense of the ironic, the witty and the lunatic. That's apparently what it takes to make it through our times."

Mike Steele, Minneapolis Star and Tribune


"The (San Francisco) audience seemed to hang onto every nuance of his performance. They responded readily with lots of laughter and hand clapping. His performance is loaded with anthems and the feel of a pageant in the power of his sound, his presence, volume and audacity. The Dark Bob appreciates media as a tool to promote personal fantasy. He is an American artist aware of the American sensibility and ability to change self and things."

Carl Heyward, Heyward Report, Cable TV, San Francisco


"His wild intermedia performances are legendary for their excitement. They embody the very spirit of 'Pop'."

Carl Loeffler, ArtCom Magazine


"This frenetic performer seems to be double jointed in places where this author does not even have joints. All the better for The Dark Bob as he goes through his routine of on-stage painting, singing, dancing, movie-making and sorts through topics that range from politics to sex to death...his mixture of song and dialogue challenged old ideas and presented new. The Dark Bob is a clone of none and follows in the footsteps of all... to create a blend of shock with controversy that is all wrapped up as entertainment."

Greg Crawford, Indiana Perry Weekly


"The Dark Bob has a down-to-earth showmanship and his work is accessible to everybody. It won't be long before The Dark Bob is known to the masses."

Charles F. Carroll, Massachusetts Arts and Letters


"His music is a hybrid as his stage persona. Middle Eastern chants, country western, folk music and avant garde mannerisms are tied together by Brian Ferry-esque vocals that owe as much to the pathos of Merle Haggard and the crooning powers of Dean Martin as to the strident edge of the Clash."

Colin Gardner, Santa Monica News


"The Dark Bob has opted for passion over distanced irony, emotional intensity over conceptual cool, and the formality of 'classic' performance over high-tech production. He has a deeply appealing, romantic idealism and a popular appeal because of his undaunted optimism and his belief in people. He has been dubbed a modern tribal voice for a global family."

Jacki Apple, LA Weekly


"The Dark Bob, mutant man, stepped on stage cloaked in the persona of an anti-rock star singing lyrics of radical love. Watching his act is a bit like stepping back into the coffeehouse culture of the early 60's and seeing it crossed with the hustling hipness of the brave new global village. With a pop persona that sardonically apes the American dream machine, DB moves easily from entertainer to nagging international conscience. It's heavy stuff for a radical entertainer, but The Dark Bob transcends mushy wide-eyed do goodism, for a lot of reasons. First, he's genuinely talented. He can do his rock 'n' roll licks and do them one-up with a curl of parody, a little flip or gesture that says they're not really important.”

Bob Hicks, The Oregonian, Portland


"His two night stand in darkest Hollywood was only a surprise in the sense of it's overwhelmingly inspirational quality of humorous, intense honesty."

Lewis MacAdams, High Performance Magazine


Education: BFA (Painting): Art Center College of Design, Pasadena

Influences: Robert Rauschenberg, The Amazing Spiderman, Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp, Dean Martin,

Thomas Edison, Cleopatra, Paramahansa Yogananda, Nina Simone, Jesus Christ, Krisna and Brian Wilson